Listed prices are based on a 10,000-20,000 gallon pool. Costs may vary for pools that are significantly smaller or larger than this. For spa’s (up to 3,000 gallons) take 25% off listed prices.

One time treatment:

Cleaning OR chemical balancing only: $50

Cleaning(including up to 60 minutes of vacuuming) and chemical balancing: $70-90

Algae treatment including chemical balancing, backwashing, vacuuming: $150-250 Includes 2-3 visits. Price is dependent on chemical requirements, number of visits, and time spent vacuuming.


Weekly treatment:

Chemical balancing only: $90-120/mo

Cleaning and chemical balancing: $130-$190/mo


Chemical costs are included in all treatment options. Cleaning option includes backwashing of the filter as needed and in addition to normal pool cleaning. Vacuuming once per month is included in monthly costs

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